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Jazz Continue Winning Streak

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What an amazing and unprecedented road trip this was for the Utah Jazz. Not only did they meet with some of the best teams in the league but they beat each of these teams after coming from behind. Perhaps this is their new and very unorthodox M.O. (method of operation), to lag dangerously behind for most of the game and then in the last quarter of play, charge ahead to claim the win. The chances of this working on a routine basis are very slim indeed, but for the last five games this approach has worked for the Jazz. The latest victim of this late charge attack was the Charlotte Bobcats who led for the entire game up until just over two minutes left in the game. At this point, as if on cue, the team rallied and ended up winning by one point with a final score of 96-95. No doubt the fans and the entire Bobcat organization were left scratching their heads.
This new M.O. that the Jazz have going for them is reminiscent of the famed raced horse, Secretariat, who routinely fell to the last position out of the starting gates and then steadily worked his way to the front of the pack. In most of the races that he performed in this manner, he ended up winning. So far that has proved true for the Utah Jazz as well but one has to wonder when the law of averages will catch up with them. Hopefully no time soon.

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