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Jazz Cruise To Victory

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Two nights, two games and two very different results. After a crushing defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night, the Jazz came out on Monday night against the Washington Wizards with a lot more focus, intensity and speed. Instead of the turnovers that have plagued some of their recent efforts, they demonstrated how successful they can be when they take care of the ball. Yes, they were playing a team with a pretty dismal record, but the truth be told, the Jazz have lost to teams like that more than once before. Not on this night however. On this night they lead by more than 30 points for at least half of the game. On this night Boozer got 23 points and pulled down 9 rebounds. Deron showed up big time as well, putting in 27 points and dishing out 11 assists. It wasn’t an exciting game but it was a 112-89 win and we’ll take it.