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Jazz Dig Out To Win

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The Utah Jazz came out as limp and lifeless as newborn kittens for Wednesday nights game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Their uninspired play continued for the entire first half of the game leaving fans to wonder where their red hot team had gone. Andrei Kirilenko (still out of action) was sorely missed on this night to defend against the long arms and aggresive play of Charlottes’ Gerald Wallace. By midpoint in the game the Jazz were down by 11 points to a team whose road record is 7-22. Whatever Jerry Sloan said at halftime must have worked because the team came out with a resurrgence of energy and finished the game with a 102-93 win. The Jazz have owned the best record in the west from mid January until the present time with a record of 17-3 but still remain a half game behind Denver and a mere 1/2 game in front of Dallas. They will play back to back games Friday and Saturday night so here is hoping that they will have Andrei back on the court and will continue with their winning ways.