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Jazz Extinguish Blazer’s Hopes For A Win

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Is this the same team that started the early part of the season with lack of focus and intensity? They look like a totally different team now, one that is extremely hot. They shot an amazing 63% and they are a team that’s hard to defeat. Tonight, they made 32 assists that underscores their unselfish play in the game where everyone seems to be involved.

Deron Williams had a temporary slump and scored 3/9 but at the end delivered 13 points and 13 assists. He led the team with his talent of brilliantly organizing the offense.

Could it be the new hairdo or maybe because he’s coming off the bench? Whatever the reason is, Andrei Kirilenko’s level of play went very high. Rookie Wesley Matthews continues to show how he is a fantastic addition to the team. He delivered a 6/6 shoots and played a great defense on the floor.

Mehmet Okur was on fire and belligerently attacked the hoop making the game tonight as one of his most impressive performances this season.

The victory brought Jazz’s status to 30-18 and this marks the 11th win out of 12 games and 7th winning streak. You can see the smiles of success on the players and fans’ faces.