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Jazz Get Caught In New Jersey’s Net

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The Jazz faltered for the second time in three days, going 0-2 so far on their four game road trip. Early on in the game it appeared that the Utah team was going to be able to easily handle the New Jersey Nets who had won only ten games the entire season. However, the Jazz’s poor shooting and lack of energy gave the Nets win number eleven with a score of 103-95. Once again, Deron Williams struggled with his shot in the first quarter going 0-4. The star of the first 8 minutes of the game was Andrei Kirilenko who was looking like the old AK 47, getting blocks, stealing the ball and going to the foul line. Unfortunately, his intensity ebbed and along with the rest of the team he was unable to score. The Jazz are acquiring a dubious reputation with their dismal first quarters and this game was no exception. Going into last nights’ game the Jazz were number 29 in the league for first quarter points. Ouch! On the flip side, they were 2nd in the league in four quarter scoring – that is, until last night when they had a less than stellar fourth quarter. It’s frustrating for the team and fans alike who can’t tell from one game to another whether this is a team who is working together and going to end up in the finals or a team who has a win or two and then gets complacent and sloppy and goes on another losing streak. One thing is for sure, it isn’t going to get any easier. They will be meeting the Boston Celtics on Friday night and if the Jazz don’t come out with some energy and confidence they will be looking at three losses in a row.

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