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Jazz Get Caught In New Jersey’s Net

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The Jazz failed the 2nd time in a span of 3 days with a score of 0-2 on this 4 game road trip. It seemed like the Utah team was winning early in the games with the New Jersey Nets who only won 10 games in the entire season. But with Jazz’s lackluster shooting and loss of energy allowed the Nets to win their 11th game scoring 103-95 on the portable scoreboards. Again, Deron Williams for the first quarter struggled with his shot scoring only 0-4. Andrei Kirilenko was the star during the first 8 minutes of the game. He looked like an old AK 47 by getting the blocks, stealing the ball and going on the foul line. Unfortunately, his energy fizzled and together with the rest of his team mates wearing the same basketball uniforms were not able to score.

The Utah Jazz are getting a doubtful reputation with their dreary first quarters and this game is not an exception. Last night, the Jazz positioned 29 in the league for the first quarter points. On the other hand, in the four quarter scoring, they were second in the league. That is, until last night when they had less than a stellar fourth quarter. It is frustrating for the fans and the team that they cannot predict the outcome of the game whether they will work as a team and end up qualified for the finals, or a team who gains a win or two, then gets complacent, sloppy and gets into a losing streak. What you can be sure of is that it’s not getting easier. They will meet with the Boston Celtics Friday night. If the Jazz doesn’t come out with energy and confidence then they will have to look at 3 losses in a row.