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Jazz Get Clipped By L.A.

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After winning their game versus Houston Rockets last Saturday night, Jazz came into their game tonight against Los Angeles Clippers a bit lethargic. The moment they entered the starting gate they already look tired and lagged behind for the entirety of the game. Chris Kamen and Baron Davis of LA had big scores which kept the team leading the game. Deron Williams played like a monster against the Rockets. But even if he shot double doubles, he still missed several shots including 2 of the critical free throws on the last few seconds of the game which might have put them into overtime play. The fans felt his frustration as he was repeatedly fouled but no call was issued.

During the fourth quarter, the Jazz did a 22-8 run but it was a little too late. Free throws could either make or break a game and it was a crucial factor in the Jazz loss. Jazz shot 77% of their free throws while the Clippers made 91% of the shots.

Utah slipped from their 3rd to 4th position in the Western Conference and Phoenix, with just 1 game behind them, poses as a threat. They will have to face the Suns on Thursday and hopefully Jazz will be more precise and focused.