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Jazz Get Stung By Hornets

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A retraction is in order for yesterday’s posted blog. It was about that blog wherein Deron Williams stepped up the game and turned in his amazing performances each and every night. The post patronized Williams for his output of 30 points and more for each event. It must have been the write-up about it that put a jinx on the team and him.

To make it straight, Williams did not make 30 points in the game against the New Orleans Hornets. He did not even make half as many. He only made 10 points and that sounds quite dismal. It wasn’t only Williams who was lackluster in his performance, the entire Jazz team as well. Paul Millsap was the only one who did not make ten points that night, he made 14. The Jazz teams scored 100-71. Hopefully, they will put this game behind them and put more energy and focus on the upcoming game with the Milwaukee team tonight.

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