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Jazz Get Stung By Hornets

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It would appear that a retraction is in order from yesterday’s blog post. You know, the one that talked about how Deron Williams had stepped up his game and was turning in amazing performances night after night. That same post that praised Williams output of thirty points or more each outing. Perhaps writing those words somehow put a jinx on him and the team??? At any rate, Williams did not get thirty points in last nights’ game against the New Orleans Hornets, in fact, he did not even get half that many. How does ten points sound? Pretty dismal, and it wasn’t only Williams’ lack of output but the other Jazz players as well. The only player who got more than ten points for the night was Paul Millsap, the high scorer with 14 points. The Jazz limped away from this 100-71 loss, no doubt hoping to put it behind them and to come out with more energy and focus for the next game which will take place tonight in Milwaukee.

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