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Jazz GM appeases naysayers

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Only a few short weeks ago, Jazz General Manager, Kevin O’Connor ad a lot of fans feeling pretty disgruntled. After watching Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver and Wesley Matthews make their exodus’s to other teams and the Jazz holding steady with no good news in sight, people were starting to get frustrated. That all changed when O’Connor negotiated to bring in Al Jefferson and Raja Bell a short time lately. All of a sudden, O’Connor seemed pretty smart and pretty darn good at his job in the eyes of many fans. Not only in the eyes of the fans, either. It turns out that O’Connorwas named the 2nd best general manager in the NBA by a group called SBNation Basketball. Top honors went to Miami’s Pat Riley. Mike Prada who edit’s the basketball magazine is quoted as saying that, “O’Connor may be the most underappreciated GM in basketball”. One thing is for sure. The fans are appreciated him a whole lot more than they did a couple of weeks ago.

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