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Jazz Have Disappointing First Game

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After an explosive start by winning 8 of the preseason games, Jazz did a 180 degree turn and fails on their regular season’s first game. On Wednesday night, they played against the Nuggets at Denver. Jazz wavered during the tip-off and it continued to a downhill trend until the end of the game. The intensity we witnessed during the preseason games was nowhere to be seen in last night’s game.

Deron Williams even had a difficult time maintaining his pace even if he ended the game being the highest scorer for Jazz with his 17 points. Al Jefferson contributed just 6 points with 31 minutes playtime. Andrei Kirilenko was insignificant in the game playing for 19 minutes with just 1 point in the goal. Jeremy Evans, the newcomer displayed his determination and grit, playing off the bench and adding 11 points to the total score. Jerry Sloan was happy with the contribution. Hopefully, the team will learn to play together as a unit instead of 5 individual athletes, then there will be more games won under their belts.

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