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Jazz Increase Road Wins

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Another night, another victory. Oh, if it were only that simple. It was another victory (116-106) but it didn’t come without a fight as the Jazz matched up against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center Tuesday night. The Jazz allowed the Clippers the lead for well over a quarter late in the game but luckily got their act together and were able to finish strong. The Jazz started out tough with Kirilenko racking up 2 points, a block and as assist before even a minute had gone by in the game. His aggressive play is a real boon to this team that is showing a great deal more confidence than it did a month ago.
Boozer had the kind of night that must make the “powers that be” wonder why they chose Chris Kamen over Booz for the all star honors. Carlos added 34 points on 13/17 shooting and 14 rebounds to the team effort. Once again, Wesley Matthews proved that he can be counted on when the pressure is on, coming up big on defense and scoring at crucial times.
This win is the 9th straight for the Utah Jazz and the 3rd straight on the road. Three road wins might not sound all that impressive to some but for a team that struggled mightily to come away with a win when playing on the road, three straight wins sounds like sweet success.