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Jazz Let-Up And Let Fans Down

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What a disappointing final game for the regular season the Jazz played Wednesday night at Energy Solutions Arena. How sad that on an emotional night where the late team owner Larry Miller was honored by hanging his old number from the rafters, the team couldn’t pull it together and win a game that they absolutely needed to win. How unfortunate that Boozer and Kirilenko did not suit up to play and that Paul Millsap was unable to get the production he needed in the absence of Boozer. How frustrating that Wesley Matthews and others bench players could not make the needed baskets. How disappointing that on such a night as this, the Jazz played without the intensity and passion that they should have been feeling. They lost a lot more than a game last night. They lost the home court advantage for the play offs that would have been guaranteed them by securing the second spot in the Western Conference standings. Instead of assuring that they would get matched up in the first round by a team they had experienced a lot of success with, they now with play on the road for the first game against the Denver, Nuggets, a team who beat them 2 out of 4 times this season. They gave up a lot last night by not showing up for a game that was crucial to their success.

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