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Jazz Match Denver’s Agressiveness And Win

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The Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets had an exciting game last night from start to finish. It resulted to Utah winning with a 113-106 score. Jazz has been having a bad start this month and nobody guessed that it will turn out better for them. There had been a lot of their players having injuries that it will take a miracle to win over their rival team. But miracles do happen!

Deron Williams came back into action after he missed the last 4 games. There is fire in his eyes and speed in his steps that we have not seen in a while. These sudden changes made him shoot 26 points into the basket which made his team win. Big Al Jefferson is the top scorer of the night. This is the best game of the year for Raja Bell who gave 20 points into the play even if Denver’s JR Smith was on his back the whole night. Smith was thrown out of the game after two potentially dangerous flagrant fouls against Raja. It was a hard fight but Jazz proved it’s a game they can play to win.

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