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Jazz Show Best Selves In Win

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Finally…. a game in which the Jazz came out strong and remained that way throughout the entire 48 minutes and ended up with a well-deserved win of 131-125. Last night’s game against the greatly improved New York Knicks was exciting from start to finish. Even with the inspired performance of Amare Stoudemire, the Utah team proved that they were on a different level on this particular night in which seven of their players ended up in double figures.
This win brings the Jazz record to 26 wins and 13 losses for the season and has them in a tie for 4th spot in the conference. One has to wonder why the team was “up” for this game when they have not been for so many of the others played this season, but whatever the reason, it was great to see them play with intensity and purpose. Andrei Kirlenko’s performance was reminiscent of the Andrei of old who seemed to be everywhere on the court, getting it done on all sides. He had the basketball in his hands a good deal of times in last night’s game and slammed in a couple of shots that surely tested the strength of the basketball backboard. Coach Sloan praised the efforts of Mehmet Okur and suggested that perhaps he was playing at the level he had before his back injury. It’s nice to have him back in the line-up and hopefully he and his teammates can stay healthy for a while and rack up some more wins.