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Jazz Show Best Selves In Win

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Jazz finally won a game where they played strongly and with a score of 131-125. The game last night with New York Knicks showed great improvement and was exciting from the start until the end. The Utah team proved they were playing on a different level that night which resulted to 7 of their players with double figure scores.

This brings Jazz to a record of 26 wins and 13 losses for this season and tied them in 4th spot for the conference. One might be wondering why the team was hyper on this game while they were not so active with the others. Whatever the reason may be it is just great to see them play with purpose and passion.

Andrei Kirlenko’s performance tonight seems to be inspired that the old Andrei who is very active and everywhere in the basketball court was very much present. Most of the time he had the ball in his hands and he slammed a couple of shots that showed a test of strength for the basketball backboard. Coach Sloan praised Mehmet Okur for his efforts and suggested that he played at the level he did before his back injury. It’s good to see him return and hopefully the whole team stays in shape to be able to make more wins.