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Jazz Sting The Hornets

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Just one day makes a big difference. After the Friday night lackluster performance of Jazz team versus the Phoenix Suns, it was like a brand new team went up to play against the New Orleans Hornets. While Kirilenko was still recuperating from his sore leg, Okur with his stomach pains , the team came out like a firing squad. Several times in the past, Jazz matched up with other teams who are less talented and the have a horrible record proving they falter and they often lose.

Saturday night’s game the home team did not disappoint. Their shots were right on target and their defense waspersistent. Paul Millsap put up an amazing performance and so did CJ Miles and Deron Williams. Their final score 106-86 made them win and there were times Jazz held a 35 point lead.

To be fair, the Hornets were struggling without their star players, Chris Paul and David West. West was taken off the game earlier for a flagrant foul on Kyle Korver. Hopefully winning this game will remove the frustration they felt over losing to Phoenix and they will get the right mind set to play against Boston on Monday night. By winning both games against Dallas and Denver, Jazz will be moving their ranks for the position in the Western Conference.