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Jazz Triumph Over Warriors

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Aside from being an intense and exciting popular sport, basketball is also big business as proven by the fact that Ronnie Brewer was traded by surprise. On the last hour, the decision was made on the day of the trade deadline. Ronnie was traded off to Minnesota and become part of the Grizzlies. In exchange, Utah got first round of the draft pick for 2011. The Jazz team reacted with shock and disappointment. Deron Williams expressed his dislike saying that the other NBA teams try to improve themselves through their trades but in his opinion, Utah just became worse. He suggested that these feelings might carry on when his time to resign will come. Carlos Boozer felt like they lost a family member and it’s hard to let him go.

If there were any problems concerning how Jazz will come out on their first game since the trade happened and if the disappointments will affect their play and chemistry, these concerns were immediately resolved. Jazz charged up against Golden State Warriors and never looked back. There was a brief moment in the fourth quarter where the Golden State was able to catch up with 12 points when Jazz was already leading with 23. Jazz was able to regain their momentum and finished with a win o f100-89. This makes this the 6th win and they only need ½ game behind Denver in their quest for the second spot in the Western Conference.