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Jazz Turn Over The Ball But Not The Game

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Utah matched up against the New Orleans Hornets on Wednesday night and continued their current pattern of commiting way too many turnovers including 22 for this particular outing. One would think, hearing that statistic, that it was a losing effort, but in fact the Jazz came out on top 98-90. This was due in large part to the 24 points thrown down by Paul Millsap, the 16 points and 15 rebounds handed out by Carlos Boozer and the solid effort by Deron Williams who added 16 points and 10 assists to the win.
The trade deadline for the league is today and rumors have been rampant all season long about trades for the Jazz, however, with the current red hot play of the team perhaps those rumors have been put to bed for the time being. The players insist that they don’t want to be jostled around and would like to have things left status quo. Time will tell.