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Jazz Win Again, Ya Gotta Love It

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There were doubts aplenty about the likelyhood of another Jazz win last night. After all they were going to be playing without Deron Williams (away for a family funeral) and Carlos Boozer (nursing a strained calf muscle). No problem. The Jazz started out early once again and kept it rolling. Sloan displayed the confidence he has in hard working Wesley Matthews by putting him in at crucial times – especially near the end of the game before the victory was secured. Sloans vote of confidence paid off as Matthews went 4-for-4 in shooting free throws with less than 20 seconds left to seal the win. Andrei Kirilenko continues to be a force for the Jazz, racking up 18 points and contributing 5 blocks. Paul Milsap put an exclamation point on the game with his 32 points and 7 assists showing that he’s worth the big money that the Jazz are spending to keep him with the team. He’s a large presence when Boozer is out of the game and since Boozer has been out almost a third of the time that he’s played in Utah that presence is very important. Boozer’s injury-free season came to a screeching halt on Wednesday of this week when the Jazz played Portland. It didn’t look like much to the viewing audience but Carlos said he felt a “pop” which ended up taking him out of the game. If history is any indication, Boozer may be out of action for a while. His tendency has been to insist on being completely pain free before he’s ready to play again. It’s a much different scenerio than when Malone and Stockton played through injury and injury. A lot of us are missing the mental toughness and determination to “get the job done” that we were priviledged to see
in those players.