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Jazz Win Again, Ya Gotta Love It

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Last night, there were doubts about another Jazz win. They were playing without Carlos Boozer who had a strained calf muscle and Deron Williams who was away for a funeral. The Jazz started early and kept rolling. Sloan showed confidence with his play. Wesley Matthews placed him in difficult situations especially towards the end of the game before they secured their victory.

Sloan’s self-confidence paid off as Matthews gunned for shooting 4 for 4 free throws with just less than 20 seconds left to win. Andrei Kirilenko fought for Jazz contributing 18 point and 5 blocks. Paul Milsap ended the game with 32 points and 7 assists proving he’s worth all the money Jazz is paying him to stay with the team. He’s a force to reckon. He is a reliable player especially at times when Bozzer is not playing in the game. Boozer, for the third time this season, has not played for Utah when he is needed most. His injury-free season stopped on Wednesday when Jazz matched up with Portland. It was hardly noticeable but Carlos claims he felt his ankle pop and took himself off the game.

Looking back on history, Boozer will be out of action for some time. He tends to stop playing until he is convinced he is pain free. It is so different with Stockton and Malone who kept on playing despite any injury. Several of us lack the mental strength and will to get things done that we were lucky to see in these players.