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Jazz Win Their “Do-Over” Opening Game

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After that frustrating home opener loss last week there has been a lot of talk about last nights game against the Toronto Raptors being a do-over. This time the home team came away with the win and made a lot of fans more optimistic about the season ahead. During the first quarter in which the Jazz shot an amazing 68% which yielded 41 points, the team was on fire. This outing gave Jazz newcomer, Al Jefferson his highest points of the season as he contributed 27 points to the final score of 125. Deron Williams came close to getting his first ever triple-double by scoring 22 points, making 14 assists and landing 8 rebounds. C.J. Miles came on strong with 19 points including 5 of 6 three pointers. There was a moment of concern when Paul Millsap (who ended up with 21 points) left the court for the locker room after spraining his right ankle. Luckily, he returned very shortly, a testament to the toughness and determination he possesses. Fans were ecstatic with the offense and are hoping for that kind of out-put in future games.

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