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Jazz Woes

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No doubt, Jazz is going thru a difficult time. Their shooting percentages have gone down. Their energy and number of wins were reduced. The past 3 nights were consecutive losses for Jazz. They have numerous players suffering from injuries.

Now that both Mehtmet Okur and Paul Millsap are out of their basketball uniforms, Utah team is into a lot of trouble. Mehmet is still recovering from a strained back and no one knows when he could play again. Millsap was only gone for one game due to a bruised hip. Last night, when he played again in the game against Memphis, he was still not able to play like he used to. Looks like the fire was put out in the team’s desire to play-off bound as a team. The fans are so frustrated because they expected the team to put more effort in playing this year. What made it more frustrating was the media’s coverage of the recently released players like Carlos Boozer who scored 31 point during the last game and Wesley Matthews who scored 36 in on the portable scoreboards. A few weeks ago, the team was already getting their act together and everyone would like to see them follow it thru.