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Jerry Sloan Retires – The End Of An Era

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It’s a gloomy day for NBA fans especially for Utah Jazz as the longest running coach in the whole basketball history is finally stepping down. There is a huge turnover of coaches in the NBA while Coach Sloan was still the head of the Utah team. Whether or not you like his coaching style, he had led this team for 23 years and that is very hard to beat. He was firm with his commitment in leading his team to greatness that he made it his priority to bring out the best in his players, made them work hard and focus on winning even in the portable scoreboards. His methods were effective and his players carried out his strategies throughout the 23 years that he coached them. The results were very successful for the team wearing the basketball uniforms for Utah Jazz.

There had been so many changes in the NBA for the past 6 years that there came a point that the star players were calling the shots instead of their head coach. Jerry Sloan did not allow this kind of approach. The new coach, Tyrone Corbin, was mentored by Jerry Sloan and his assistant coach Phil Jackson for several years. Corbin is fully supported by Gale Miller along with Greg Miller, her son and the team owner. She encouraged him to fill in Jerry’s shoes but to have his own stand and move forward. Jerry Sloan and the Millers have a long history together filled with mutual respect and affection for over 2 decades. Corbin’s coaching style is yet to be seen.

During the press conference today, Sloan expressed that the reason why he resigned is that he now has less energy to perform his job. He did not blame any other person. Media is still active with speculations and they are highly suspicious. They attribute his resignation had something to do with his work relationship with Deron Williams, his star guard. Williams is known to be reluctant in following Jerry’s instructions.

Whatever the real reason may be, Jerry’s resignation has ended an era of greatness. The world of sports has lost successful and dedicated coach, whose tactics may not agree with everyone but is an example of hard work and integrity. The likes of Jerry Sloan are very rare nowadays and he will be terribly missed by everyone in the world of sports.