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Jerseys Sales Tell The Story

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If you are wondering about the popularity of the reigning NFL stars, you have only to check out the sales of their football jerseys to see who is on the top of the pack. The position seems to volley up and down depending on who has recently been traded or drafted or who is the current MVP in their sport. If you are a big baseball fan you are probably aware that the New York Yankees are the team that leads in baseball jersey sales. In the world of football, all-star Peyton Manning who recently joined Denver Broncos is holding the spot for top jersey sales even though he has yet to play a game for that organization. This indicates that hopes are high for the newly acquired Bronco player who suffered last season in the number of his jerseys that were sold due to his long recovery from neck surgery. Meanwhile, Tim Tebow is also doing well with sales of his newly designed New York Jets jersey at the number two spot. Another Manning brother, Eli, holds the third top selling spot as the New York Giants quarterback. While quarterbacks typically are top jersey sellers, other positions are popular as well. Chicago Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher is currently the fourth most popular name on football jerseys.