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Jerseys Sales Tell The Story

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One way to know if the reigning NFL stars are still popular is to check the sales of their football jerseys just to see who is still on top.Whoever holds the top position depends on who was recently drafted into the team or who is the latest MVP of their sport.

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably know that the New York Yankees baseball jerseys have the highest sales. The famous Peyton Manning, who just joined Denver Broncos, has the highest jersey sales though he hasn’t played for the team yet. This is a sign that the Broncos are placing their hopes on their new player who just recently recovered from a neck surgery.

Tim Tebow is currently enjoying the number 2 spot in jersey sales with his new designs for the New York Jets. Eli, his brother, holds the third highest selling jersey as the New York Giants quarterback. Quarterbacks usually are top sellers when it comes to jerseys, but other positions are equally famous. Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears’ linebacker is the fourth most famous name on the football jerseys.