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“Jimmer” Glimmers In The Sports World

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Everyone seems to be so caught up with the spectacle that is JimmerFredette. He is like a ray of light whenever you watch him play. He makes watching the BYU game against SDSU exciting to watch especially when he racks up 43 points for the win. Last week, the Cougars lost to Jimmer the “Pitt” after he made 32 points. Jimmer did his best but the team of New Mexico was just too inspired and motivated to repeat last year’s BYU upset that it was just too much for Utah team to handle.

Although losing that game was disappointing, it did not tarnish any of Jimmer’s records. Several people consider him the best thing that ever happened to team Utah. He has the weird talent of knowing right where the ball is and what he should do with it that he reminds you of the famous Pistol Pete Maravich. Kevin Durrant, an NBA superstar even tweeted about how good he plays. With the way he was playing this year, he became very popular that Jimmer earned the honor of being recognized on a first name basis only. His name has become an adjective that is used to describe excellence or an incredible ability such as expressions like “get your jammer on” or “you got jimmerized”, and others. That is a very rare occurrence and a flattering compliment indeed.

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