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“Jimmer” Glimmers In The Sports World

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It seems that just about everybody is getting caught up in the phenomenon that is Jimmer Fredette. Watching him play has been a ray of sunshine in a very dark January. The BYU game against SDSU was thrilling to view, especially with their star guard racking up 43 points. Even when the Cougars lost last week (for the second straight year) in Albuquerque’s well-known “Pitt”, Jimmer ended up with 32 points. He did his part for sure, but the New Mexico team was inspired and very motivated to repeat their last years’ upset of BYU and proved to be too much for the Utah team. Although that loss was unfortunate, chances are that it didn’t do too much to tarnish Fredette’s outstanding record. Many consider him to be the best that has ever played in the state of Utah. With his uncanny knack for knowing exactly where the ball is and what to do with it when he gets it, he reminds a lot of people of the legendary Pistol Pete Maravich. He’s even got a certain NBA superstar (Kevin Durrant), “tweeting” about how good he is. With his stellar play this year, Jimmer has earned the very distinct honor of being widely recognized by his first name only. Not only that, but his first name has come to be regarded as an adjective that describes excellence, or incredible ability with such expressions as “you got jimmerized” or “get your jimmer on”, etc. That is a rare compliment to be sure.

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