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Jump Into Fitness

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Here’s good news to people like us who would like to stay in shape but don’t look forward to regular visits to the gym. You can put your gym bags to rest because there are exercises you can do right in your own home. You can make use of simple equipment for exercising like a jump rope. You’ll be surprised that this toy we played with during our elementary school days is an effective tool in staying in shape.

Jumping rope is a good exercise that helps shape your legs especially the calves. It burns as much as 13 calories per minute. Those who perform jump rose exercises attest that it speeds up the heart rate that’s why it’s an excellent cardio-vascular exercise. The downside of the exercise is that it gets boring so you have to do variations to keep it interesting. You can play some music and jump to the beat to add some variety. Many people think that jumping rope is just a game for kids but surprisingly, it’s a hard core exercise for adults.