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Jump Into Fitness

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There’s more good news for those of us who are reluctant to head out every morning to the gym for our workout but who want to stay in shape. It turns out that we don’t have to pack up our gym bags and go out into the cold in order to achieve our fitness goals. We can stay right in our own homes and gain the same benefits by using some very simple and readily available (and inexpensive) pieces of equipment, most notably the jump rope. Many of us had not had one of those in our hands since we were elementary school age but they are actually one of the most effective tools to help us stay in shape.
Jumping rope targets the legs (especially the calves) and can burn up to 13 calories per minute. Anyone who has performed this activity knows that it really gets the heart pumping so it is a great cardio-vascular exercise. Perhaps the downside to this form of exercise is that it can become rather tedious in a short time so anything you can do to change it up is helpful. Try putting on some music and jumping to the beat for a bit of variety. Many of those who thought their days of jumping rope were long past have recommitted to this very effective, low cost exercise and are thrilled with the results.