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Junior Jazz Members Get To Meet NBA Players

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Junior Jazz turns out to be the longest-running and largest youth basketball league of the NBA. This year is their 26th time that the Jazz organization enabled the young players to meet their heroes in the team. The chosen players will tour 5 states, cover a 4,000 mile area in 2 and a half weeks starting July 26. They will meet, sign autographs and give instructions to their young and aspiring fans.

This is really exciting for the young players who usually live away from Salt Lake City where Jazz plays their home games. Randy, the Jazz president believes it is imperative to give back to the society who supports the team and this is just one way to do that. This year, Jeremy Evans, the second round draft pick of Jazz will be joining the tour. Evans is vying for a spot on the list and Rigby feels that including him in the tour will get him more familiar with the fans and team.

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