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Just Don’t Give Up

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The unbelievable happens when you least expect it! Everyone thought that Miami Heat was invincible before they were defeated by no less than Utah Jazz. Every team Miami played could not reach a score close to 100 points on the portable scoreboards. Then came the boys in the Utah Jazz basketball uniforms and they played until overtime that ended in a 115-114 score loss for Miami.

Paul Millsap scored 46 points in the game of his life. In the last 28 seconds of the regulation play, 11 of those points were generated and the last 2 pushed them into overtime. He’s a contender for Player of the Week with this performance. The rest of the team contributed 22 points for the win.

Most people lose their motivation and confidencewhen they are at their lowest point, but not Utah Jazz. Last night’s game was a miracle. Utah Jazz just kept fighting and it paid off greatly.