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Kansas, LSU, Hawaii or Oregon – Who Will be Vying for the BCS Championship?

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The understatement of the year is to day 2007 was the craziest season for college football. There were 4 various number 1 teams (Ohio state, USC, LSU, and Cal) and one of them is no longer with the top 25 (Cal). During the preseason, 13 of the top 25 are still there with the newcomers which are Kansas, Cincinnati, Illinois and Connecticut who are normally basketball powerhouses making weird appearances. There are times the undefeated seasons seem to be within the graspof the most unlikely teams like Arizona State, Boston College, Hawaii, UCF and Kansas. The traditional powerhouse teams are now at the bottom of the barrel (Miami, Notre Dame).

Now the BCSA championship has narrowed down to 2-3 or even 4-horse race. The horses that are ahead of the reace are LSU, Kansas, Oregon and Hawaii. Among the four, LSU and Oregon has a big chance of winning. They have a long history of excellence in football. They also have already their played their most difficult opponents and it will be smooth sailing for them from here on. Kansas and Hawaii however, are both undefeated. If they win the games for the rest of the season, they will have a great chance of participating in the BCS Championship games.

Will Oregon and LSU be the winning teams now that they own the respect of the league for winning numerous victories? Or will it be the other undefeated teams with much easier schedules? The Oregon and LSU are better teams than Kansas and Hawaii. They are faster, bigger and stronger. But how can you not acknowledge teams who have gone undefeated? If Hawaii and Kansas win the rest of their scheduled games, they too will most likely be deserving candidates to play in the national championship this season. Not LSU or Oregon.

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