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Karl Malone Will Be Welcome Addition To Hall Of Fame

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Jazz fans are applauding today as Karl Malone is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. If anybody is deserving of this great honor it is the “Mailman” who played his heart out for 18 seasons with the Utah Jazz. He seemed to have been molded out of some very different material than many of today’s athletes who do not appear to have one-tenth of the endurance that Malone possessed. He played through injuries and problems of many kinds during those years and missed only 10 out of 1,444 games. That statistic is absolutely staggering. When Utah fans recall how many games their latest power forward, Carlos Boozer missed (approximately one third of all games that took place in the six years he was with Utah), it is mind-boggling. It’s hardly any wonder why fans were either cheering or completely indifferent when Boozer was traded to Chicago this summer and why they are overwhelmingly thrilled to see their former super-star, Karl Malone receive an honor that he so richly deserves. Those two athletes are on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to dedication, work ethic, mental toughness, loyalty and a host of other characteristics. While Boozer sat out the last (VERY important game of the regular season) with a bruised quad muscle, Malone played to the conclusion of an exhibition game after an injury which left his bone protruding from the flesh on one of his fingers. He simply had it taped up and went back to work. One cannot help but applauding the brilliant career of this amazing athlete. Hats off to you, Karl Malone.

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