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Karl Malone Will Be Welcome Addition To Hall Of Fame

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Karl Malone is inducted today as the Hall of Famer in Basketball and the Jazz fans are all applauding. The “Mailman” who has been playing for 18 years is the most deserving of this honor. He is of a different mold from today’s athletes who does not have 1/10th of his endurance. Through those years he has played thru several injuries and other problems of many kinds and only missed 10 out 1,444 games.

When Utah fans recall how many games Carlos Boozer (their power forward) missed, it’s unbelievable. It is no surprise why the fans are either cheering or being indifferent when he was traded off to Chicago over summer. Instead, they were very thrilled when Karl Malone, their former superstar, received the honor he deserves. He and Carlos are worlds apart.

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