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Keep Young Athletes’ Eyes Safe


August is designated as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Parents are encouraged to help safeguard their kids’ sight by taking them for regular eye exams. Eye checkups can help doctors catch potentially serious vision or eye health problems before they grow into something worse.

Keep young athletes eyes safe

Parents should always be concerned with their kids’ eye safety, especially as they head back to school. Children need to be able to see well to keep up with their studies. Good vision is also important for safety in extra-curricular activities, including sports. Children take part in different physical activities using school sports equipment they may not be familiar with. If vision is a problem, kids could be more prone to accidents.

Adults who supervise youth involved in contact sports must require them to use protective sports eyewear when appropriate. Protective eyewear may be needed when a ball, a racquet, a stick, or a bat are involved. The use of sports equipment poses a risk of injuries to children’s eyes. While the game of tennis and badminton may seem to be harmless sports, they involve balls and shuttlecocks that are sometimes moving as fast as 60 mph.

Here’s a look at popular sports and the coordinating safety gear for eyes:

  • Baseball – Wear a sturdy polycarbonate or plastic face guard, goggles and eye guards.
  • Basketball – Wear goggles.
  • Soccer – Wear eye guards.
  • Football – Wear eye guards and a full-face guard.
  • Hockey – Wear a polycarbonate or wire mask.
  • Tennis and racquetball – Wear goggles.

Children might complain about having to wear protective eyewear, but it’s important to toe the line. Kids will get use to the safety gear in time, and its benefits will far outweigh its drawbacks.