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Keeping Strong Bones For Life

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Whatever sport you choose, what is important is that it helps you maintain a healthy body. You may put on your boxing gloves and head to the gym to spar with a punching bag. This is a good way to exercise and enhance your health. One of the critical things that should concern you the most is how to develop strong bones. Over time, as we get older, our bones become brittle and prone to injury. By choosing the right things to do, we can slow down the progression of our bones from getting weaker.

We have to be conscious about the food we eat. It is not just to stay healthy but to strengthen our bone structure. The bones lose a lot of calcium as time passes. This is what keeps the bones strong so it is vital that you eat food rich in vitamin D and calcium. Though it’s true that women are more prone to faster bone deterioration that leads to Osteoporosis, men are equally at risk.

Another thing we should be aware of is too much weight loss. Our culture seems to put much emphasis in losing weight and that being super thin is glamorous. But being too thin is being prone to a lot of health issues, Osteoporosis and severe injury.

Consuming a lot of alcohol on a regular basis also puts your body at risk for brittle bones. Alcohol and toxins drain your body of the healthy nutrients that keeps your bones strong. So if you can avoid too much alcohol.

For a lot of people, exercise is the only thing that will help keep their body healthy and their bones strong. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise it is as long as it keeps you active and that you are consistently doing your exercise.