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Keeping Time In Sports

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A great many of the sports that we may participate in involve keeping time. Bike races are determined by who crosses the finish line in the shortest amount of time as are marathons, triathlons and skiing competitions.
The basketball backboards at NBA arenas, college and high school gyms have timers which let the players and the fans know when the shot clock has expired and when the game is over. Play on the football fields across the country rely on time displays which indicate how much time is left in each half and where the team stands on their progress up the field. Fans anxiously check the time clocks to see how their teams are faring yard by yard.
Track meets rely on the accuracy of time keeping devices which measure time to the 1/100 of a second to determine winners.
There are many dozens of such time keeping devices on the market and there is one to fit any purpose. One can find an inexpensive and simple time keeping device for personal use or an enormous ceiling mounted apparatus perfect for an arena which seats many thousands of fans. There is a wide spread in price and degree of quality for such time keepers and truly there is something that will fit most any need. We’ve come a long way from the days when the outcome of a sporting event was determined by eyes only. As you can imagine, there was often a fair amount of discrepancy as to who actually did finish first. There is no debate about such matters today with the technology which pinpoints the winning time conclusively.