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Keeping Time In Sports

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A lot of the sports we watch and engage in are involved with keeping time. Most of the races like marathons, bike races, triathlons and skiing competitions, determine the winner by measuring the shortest time it took them to cross the finish line.

The basketball backboards you see in NBA arenas, and in high school and college gyms have digital timers that alerts everyone when the game is over or when the shot clock has finished counting. In football, the time displays show how much time is left for each team to make a goal. The fans monitor the time clocks to check on the progress of their team in every yard.

The sport Track and field also rely on digital clocks to measure the speed of their runners based on 1/100 of a second. Time is an important element in determining their winners.

There are several time keeping gadgets available in the market, each one created for a definite purpose. It ranges from the cheapest and simplest clock you can hold in your hand to the largest digital clock that needs to be mounted on the wall of the arena for everyone to see. The price varies depending on the timepiece size and use. We’ve come a long way from determining the winner just by who crossed the finish line first. Nowadays, there is the element of time that we use in declaring the true winners.