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Kids Who Love Sports Should Also Have A Back-up Plan

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You have to love the enthusiasm of young kids who claim that they are going to be the next Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps or David Beckham. On the one hand, it is wonderful to be that confident and to have such positivity and one would not want to crush their hopes or dampen their spirits. On the other hand, you hate to see someone setting themselves up for failure and disappointment. When I see young kids who love and excel at sports and are certain that someday they are going to be members of a professional team I caution them that it’s extremely important to have a back-up plan. No matter how much you might love a particular sport and even if you are very talented, the chances are not great that you will get the opportunity to play professionally. Sports are an important part of life and are a recommended source of physical fitness, fun and opportunity for most people but it is wise to understand that going beyond that into the world of the rich and famous athletes is highly unlikely. Knowing that reality, it is extremely important to get the best education one possibly can and to find other areas of interest that may turn into career possibilities at a later date. There is no reason why trying your best to learn as much as possible academically and playing the sports you love are not compatible. There is ample room for both in most young people’s lives.

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