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Kings Of The Road

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The Utah Jazz are earning themselves a new name and a new respect among many of the NBA teams (and fans) who may not have given them much of a chance on this particular road trip. After all, they would be meeting three of the best teams in the Eastern division, one (the Miami Heat) of which has been stacked with premier players so as to be almost unbeatable. Actually, that was the original premise but they have lost several games in this early season, some of them in front of their home crowd so it turns out that they are not nearly so infallible as they had predicted. The other two teams that the Jazz came from behind to win, the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks, were both highly favored to win these match-ups, however the Jazz (also recently known as the kings of the road) had other ideas. Tonight they will meet with the Charlotte Bobcats and perhaps they will still have some of that magic that they have been exhibiting lately and will come away with another win. That would indeed be a fitting ending to a fairy tale road trip.

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