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Lacrosse Is The Sport Of Choice For Many

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How much do you know about the sport of Lacrosse? It has become increasingly popular in recent years and has is the sport of choice for many athletes.

Lacrosse is a great sport for both children and adults to be involved in. It is an intense and fast-paced physical activity. Numerous rewards can come as a result of playing Lacrosse, not the least of which is great exercise. With the alarming statistics of juvenile obesity through eating incorrect foods combined with inactivity, it is important that we get our children moving. Lacrosse requires a person to expend a great deal of energy as it helps one to lose weight, gain desired muscle and improve over-all fitness. Another benefit is the social interaction it promotes. Being on a team allows an individual to meet new people with whom they share some commonalities and interests. One builds confidence as they learn new skills that enable them to enjoy success. Besides all these benefits, Lacrosse is just plain fun to play.

There have been some concerns about the safety of this sport and while it is true that accidents have occurred while playing Lacrosse that can be said is for most other sports as well. Because there are inherent risks involved with the sport, it is important to wear the correct protective equipment when you are participating in this activity. Equipment used in this sport are: a Lacrosse stick, a full-face helmet to avoid getting struck in the face with the solid rubber Lacrosse ball. Shoulder pads, arms pads, gloves and goggles are optional but might be a good idea for young players to add extra protection.

Lacrosse is a physical game similar to hockey and the technique is reminiscent of soccer. The object is to try to hit the ball with the stick toward the net to score a goal. You are typically passing the ball along to other teammates as you progress down the field. The play consists of a good deal of running with helps to build endurance and strong leg muscles.
By learning the dynamics of this game, one can conclude that the benefits of this sport outweigh the risks and that the risks are minimized when one learns to play correctly and is equipped with the proper gear.

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