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Lacrosse Is The Sport Of Choice For Many

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Lacrosse Is The Sport Of Choice For Many

Do you know the sport of Lacrosse? Recently it has increased popularity and is the sport of choice of many sportsmen.

Lacrosse is a famous sport that both adults and children engage in. It is fast-paced and intense but the biggest advantage you get out of it is exercise. There is an alarming rise in the number of juvenile obesity because of eating unhealthy food combined with lack of exercise. Lacrosse requires the person to put in a lot of energy and effort to lose some weight, gain their desired muscle tone and improve their over-all fitness.

Another benefit you get from Lacrosse is that it promotes social interaction. When you belong to a team, the individual meets new people who have the same interests. It builds their confidence as they learn together new skills that will enable them to meet their goals. Aside from all these advantages, Lacrosse is plain fun to play.

There are some safety concerns associated with this sport, because it is true there had been accidents reported while Lacrosse was being played. There are some risks involved in playing the sport, you will have to wear the correct safety gear when you are engaged in this activity. The equipment usually used in Lacrosse are : the Lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, arms pad, glove and goggles. A full-face helmet is important, it will help you avoid getting struck in the face with the balls.

Lacrosse is similar to how hockey is played but the technique is basically soccers’. The aim is to try hitting the ball with the stick towards the net in order to score a goal. You are usually passing the ball along your other teammates as you move down the field. The game requires a lot of running which builds endurance and firm leg muscles.

Upon learning the dynamics of the game, you can already conclude that the advantages of the sport outweighs its risks. The risks are lessened when the person knows how to play the game properly and has the complete safety gear to wear.

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