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Lakers Take Round One

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After over 7 months of basketball we have finally arrived at the final series, the one that will determine who the NBA champions will be. Game one goes to the defending champs, the Los Angeles Lakers. For all the millions of fans out there who would like to see the Lakers repeat their last years success, there are that many more who are rooting for another team to take that coveted spot. For some people, ANY other team would be preferable. That isn’t going to happen, however, unless Kevin Garnet and crew step it up a bit.
Garnett finished with 16 points which was just a smidge over half of what Kobe Bryant ended up with. Paul Pierce was on his game and came away with 24 points but it just wasn’t enough to put a dagger in the heart of the opponent. The Lakers outscored, out-rebounded and out hustled the less aggressive eastern team. Even if you’re not a huge Celtic fan, chances are you’d like to see more of an effort in the next match-up on Sunday night.

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