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Let sports help you save your child from being a couch potato

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Parents find it difficult to get their kids to do some activity during summer. Their kid’s goals to earn some extra money during summer disappear too quickly due to the summer heat and are replaced by countless hours just watching TV. For a lot of parents this is a frustrating situation. Getting kids involved in sports is a good way to get them to do some worthwhile activity.

There are plenty of opportunities where you can get your kids engaged in some form of sport unless you live in the far wilderness. In Florida where I grew up, there was always a basketball, baseball or soccer league just around the corner with teams eager to have a new member join them. Joining these activities gave a lot of fond memories as a child.

If you’re uncertain of what summer sport to choose for your kids, check first your city or town Parks and Recreation department. If you have a competitive child, they usually have a league that will fit his or her liking. You’ll have to ask around your neighbors or the parents of your kid’s friends or search online for a summer sport activity. For athletic kids, sports camps are all over the country and these help the participants develop their skills in tennis, gymnastics or basketball.

But what if your child is not inclined to do sports?

Sports is not for everyone. Someone who doesn’t like getting hit by a ball will be happy to try a sport where the ball is not moving too fast like volleyball, basketball or soccer. It’s impossible not to find a sport that will motivate your kid or improve them physically. If you still feel some resistance from your kid, then ask them what interests them most and help them look for it. You may think beyond the box and look at extreme sports like wall climbing or golf.

What is important here is to develop good habits in kids who tend to laze around like a couch potato. Encourage your kid to be involved in sports and recreational activities. Summer is the perfect time for these activities because they don’t have to worry about academics and other activities. You’ll be doing them a big favor by reducing their risk for health problems brought on by sedentary lifestyles. It will also help them develop self-confidence, personality and social skills.