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Let’s Start Giving Barry Bonds the Benefit of the Doubt – We’re Not French Are We?

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The Napoleonic Code, a judicial system, was implemented in 1804 in France. Contrary to American law, the French believes that you are proven guilty until proven you are innocent. The burden of proof relies on the defendant. It holds no water in French courts that the prosecution has no proof whether or not the accused has actually done the crime. It is unfair. Even if the accusation has no shape or form, you are still guilty. How would you feel about that?

Come to think about it, that was how Barry Bonds was treated. The people of the sporting world accused him of taking performance enhancing drugs. Yet there is no proof presented that he did take steroids. Seeing that the whole nation is working on the case, you’d think the FBI and the government organizations may have found some evidence by now. But in reality, there has been no evidence that proves Barry Bonds owes his prolific physical powers to performance enhancing drugs.

It’s true Bonds has packed on a few pounds of muscle, but that too can be accomplished by thousands of other people without the help of steroids. I also go to the gym on a regular basis and witnessed several friends who gained 20 to 30 pounds of muscle by merely working out on a constant basis. They do not take steroids and have little time for workout. Bonds had only one agenda and that was to gain more power. He spends more time in the gym working out to bulk up and be more powerful. It’s possible he could do that without steroids. And at the age of 40, it’s natural for men to gain a few more pounds.

Being a Giants fan, I have my biases. But still isn’t America the land of freedom? Should we not give the benefit of the doubt? This is America where people are innocent until proven guilty, unlike in France. It is not fair to judge people without the due cause. Ultimately, you have to prove that Barry Bonds is taking steroids. Until then, give it arrest and focus on something else that is more worthwhile.

Nishan Wilde is the VP of Sales for Robbins Sports and Athletics. It is an online provider of Basketball UniformsTrack UniformsGym Bags and Portable Scoreboards.