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Lindsey Vonn Named AP Female Athlete Of The Year

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When you are voted as the best female athlete of the year that just means that you are the best! This honor was recently given to Lindsey Vonn, a 26 year old champion skier. Vonn admitted that it has been her life-long pursuit to engage in this sport and as a little girl, she waited in line to get the autographs of her favorite athletes who are also medalists. Now is her turn under the spotlight.

The fans cheered for her as she accepted her gold and bronze medals in last winter’s Olympics. She was also awarded her third World Cup. She is also the very first skier to have won the sought after AP award. She is also the first woman from the US to win an Olympic gold medal for downhill skiing and 35 World Cup. For sure, we will be seeing more of this tremendously talented athlete in the following years to come.

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