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Living By Your Ideals

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There are things you can control and some are way beyond your control. This can be the case for the Brigham Young Universities Women’s Rugby Team in which an interesting dilemma presented itself to team this past week. In fact, this is not a dilemma at all, rather foregone and expected conclusion that the Cougars were not part of the upcoming playoff game. They have trained well for the entire season, yet they all learned that they will not participate in the game to be held on a Sunday. All of the 35 team members of the Rugby team are followers and belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For them, Sunday is a holy day in which they rest and give their time to worshipping. It is their practice to abstain from sports and recreation during Sundays. Of course, it is discouraging news for these young women to learn that the scheduling of the playoff game was done at Sunday and with their faith, they opt to forfeit their chance for the championship.

The decision at the time is not just made by one or few team members, but by every one of them. They choose their faith and core beliefs over the sports. The do not want to break the Sabbath even though they desire to win the game and a chance for the championship.

Some will think that they missed a huge chance and some applauded their decision. Truth is you have to commend the girls with their decision-making. They prioritize what they have to prioritize. Their faith will be with them in their lifetime, but the sports and their ability to play it may elude them as they age. Some will surely go different ways, away from Rugby.

It is clear that the team will not compromise their standards or principles and instead, will go for missing out on a great opportunity. If you have a chat with any members of the team, you will sense their inner peace about their decision. They seemed to be content and happy about it. Some will say that it is a missed opportunity that comes once in a lifetime, but the team chooses the best opportunity over the good by sticking with their faith than gaining worldly fame.

Consider these lines in a poem:

“I have to live with myself and so,

I want to be fit for myself to know.”

Those few lines simply sum up the actions and decision making of the team.

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