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Living By Your Ideals

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An interesting dilemma presented itself to the Brigham Young Universities Women’s Rugby Team this past week. Actually, it proved to be no dilemma at all, but a fore gone conclusion that the Cougars would not participate in a play-off game that they had trained for and greatly anticipated when they learned it would be held on a Sunday. All 35 members of the Rugby team belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and as such consider Sunday to be a sacred day in which to abstain from sports and recreation. These young women were crushed to learn of the scheduling which would cause them to either forfeit their chance for the championship or go against their very core beliefs. The decision had already been made as far as they were concerned. They had no intention of breaking the Sabbath even though they all badly wanted to gain the prize they had worked so hard for.
What a great example they are to so many who struggle with decisions over doing something that they want even though it means compromising their standards or sticking to their principles and perhaps missing out on a great opportunity. It would be interesting to know how an individual ended up feeling after they threw their standards out the window in order to seize an opportunity that was knocking at the door. We do know, however, how the members of this particular Rugby team felt by sticking to their ideals. They knew they had made the right decision, the one that they could live with. There is a poem from my youth that has these words,
I have to live with myself and so,
I want to be fit for myself to know.
Those words kind of sum it all up don’t you think?

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