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Looking Ahead To New Jazz Season

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Summer is not officially over yet but still it does not seem too soon to start thinking about the upcoming season for the Utah Jazz. Due to all the changes that occurred in the “off months”, there is much anticipation and many unanswered questions about what this new season will bring. For die-hard Jazz fans, it is not too soon to start mentally preparing for what could be a great season ahead.

Reports indicate that several of the Jazz players have already returned from their summer break and are back in the Beehive State to begin their workouts even though fall training camp is still weeks away. C.J. Miles and Deron Williams are anxious to begin their two a day workouts and play some pick up ball to start getting ready for the more intense drills that will come shortly.
Besides body conditioning, another positive aspect of getting together early in the preseason is to come together as a team. The loss of certain players and the addition of some new players this summer (Al Jefferson, Raja Bell and Gordon Hayward) changes up the team dynamics some and spending time together to develop a bit of team chemistry before the season actually kicks off seems to make good sense. They have about a month and a half to accomplish this before the team in their newly designed basketball uniforms takes the floor for the season opener which will take place on October 27 in Denver.

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