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Looking Ahead To New Jazz Season

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Summer isn’t quite over but people are already thinking about the Jazz’s coming season. The many changes that happened to the team during the off season months have left the fans anticipating and wanting to know what will happen to the players in the new season.

Reports say that many of the Jazz players already came back from their summer vacation. They have returned to the Beehive State and started their workout even if the training camp starts weeks from now in fall. Deron Williams and CJ Miles are eager to start the twice a day workouts and practice their shots so they could be more prepared for the more difficult drills during training.

Aside from body conditioning and other exercises, another aspect that the team should work on is coordination. Losing some of the members and adding new ones during the summer may have changed the team dynamics. The new players are Al Jefferson, Raja bell and Gordon Hayward. Spending time working out as a team will develop some chemistry before the kick-off of the new season. They only have a month and a half to go to accomplish this feat before the season opener games begin on October 27 in Denver.

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