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Losing Local Talent

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Fans of various sports love watching their favorite players from their hometown go at it and succeed. Unfortunately, sometimes, these players do not stay with the home team. This is something that followers never want to happen. Time and again players go to other cities or states because they get traded. This is part of sports. Fans will always follow their favorite player around and support him. But it is a lot different if the player stays with the home team.

This can be said for cities that host professional teams and popular local athletes join these teams. Unfortunately, players go through a drafting system which reduces their chances of wearing the host team’s basketball uniform. Athletes dream of making it big in professional sports. This is where they can make a living and set up themselves for life.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. The best league would be the NBA. Not every local player gets to play for their city’s dream though. If they do and if they have a strong following, he uses the fan support to try and be the best player he can be. This is not the case for those that go to a team from another city. In fact playing for a different team has affected some of the most talented player from college in a negative manner. This means they do not get the support of family, friends and the local community they have grown accustomed to.