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Losing Local Talent

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Sports fans love watching their local sports talents grow up and become amazing
athletes. What they do not love is when those same talented local athletes
leave their hometowns having been lured away by money and fame to bigger
markets. This happens on a regular basis but it is still difficult to follow a
young promising career from your own neck of the woods and then lose him or her
to some other city. Naturally you may continue to have special feelings for a
particular athlete and will certainly continue to root for him but it just isn’t
quite the same when they are in a different arena.
This is especially true when your own area has a professional team and you would
love to see a local athlete end up on that team. Usually that isn’t what
happens. Instead the player ends up getting drafted by some other team in a
city far away. One can’t blame the athlete who obviously wants to play in the
biggest market they can and make the most money and enjoy the most playing time.
A few years ago BYU had a phenomenal basketball player who made headlines
routinely and who enjoyed a huge fan bass in the state of Utah. When it came
time for the NBA draft hopes were high that this immensely talented young
athlete would end up staying in the state and would play for their own
professional team, the Utah Jazz. To the disappointment of many, that didn’t
happen. Instead this young prodigy went to another market where he did not get
all that much playing time and has still not lived up to the potential so many
thought that he had. Instead of wearing the green or purple basketball uniform
of the Utah Jazz he ended up wearing the white, blue and red of his new team and
did so with a lot fewer local fans cheering him on.