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Losing Weight, Gaining Confidence

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Everyone knows that there are a lot of Americans who are overweight and that is not healthy at all. This is the cause of anxiety and depression in most people. While most of us are depressed about all that excess fat, what we don’t know is the visceral fat that surrounds our organs is more harmful.

Yale University’s Medical School claims that 50% of Americans have excess visceral fat. These findings are very concerning and should not be taken lightly. What is causing all this excess weight gain that puts the lives of many at risk?

In the last few decades, the lifestyle of average Americans had made a dramatic shift and it wasn’t for better. A lot of us eat so much greasy fast food that contains a large amount of unhealthy fat. There is also a larger consumption of a high amount of sugar. Both of these factors, along with the lack of exercise has led a lot of Americans in the situation that they are in today.

The good news is that we could definitely do something about it. You could change your lifestyle by starting to be conscious about the food you eat. You can decide to cut down your intake of sugar and greasy unhealthy food, and instead eat more fruits, fiber, vegetables and healthy fats found in nuts and olive oil. Commit to an exercise routine that will help you reduce all that unwanted weight and that will start the gradual transformation of your body. Replace the bad habits that made you a slave in the past. That way you can start building a healthier, stronger and a lean but toned body that will make you feel better about yourself whenever you look in the mirror. It will also do wonders for your self-esteem.

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