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Losing Weight, Gaining Confidence

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It’s no secret that a good many American’s are overweight and it’s also common knowledge that excess weight is unhealthy. It’s also a cause of of anxiety and depression in a large number of people. While many of us lament those extra pounds that are visible, it is actually the visceral fat which we can’t see but which surrounds organs in our bodies that is the most harmful. The Yale University School of Medicine claims that up to fifty percent of American’s have too much visceral fat. That finding is not to be taken lightly but rather is a cause for concern. What is it that is causing this significant weight gain and putting so many of us at risk for serious health problems? Unfortunately, the lifestyle of the average American has taken a dramatic shift in the last few decades and it has not necessarily been for the better. A good many of us eat fast food far more often than is advisable even when we know that it is full of unhealthy fat. We also consume a much higher quantity of sugar than ever before. These two tendencies, along with the fact that many of us do not get adequate exercise has lead to the precarious position we find ourselves in today. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is something we can do about it. We can start with a mind shift about what kinds of food we need to be eating. We can resolve to cut down how often we eat greasy fast food and sugar laden treats and incorporate more fruits, vegetables, healthy fats (such as those found in olive oil and many types of nuts) and fiber into our diets. We can commit to an exercise program that will help shave off unwanted pounds and begin to transform our bodies. As we begin to replace the bad habits that we’ve been a slave to in the past, we can start building a stronger, healthier and more toned body which will not only make us feel better when we look into the mirror but will be a boon to our overall self-esteem.

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