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LSU vs. Florida, Oklahoma vs. Texas – It’s Like Being a Kid in a Candy Shop

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American Football is one of the popular sports in the United States in both professional and amateur level. It can be argued that the college football is as popular as the National Football League.

The week’s college football games are some of the most anticipated match ups in this season’s college football. These two games feature teams that are ranked high in the season – LSU Tigers versus Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners verses Texas Longhorns. It is not common to have two exciting games in college football and these games will be a great treat for all the fans out there.

It is not common for me, as a sports fan, to show my excitement over this kind of college games, but honestly, the last time I remember that I felt this kind of excitement over football games was the Texas Longhorns and USC Trojans National Championship game. This game was absolutely and utterly amazing from the get go. I was on the edge of my seat watching the game from the start! I do hope that the game this week will live up to the hype. With these two games featuring four college football heavyweights, it is very obvious why the hype is so high. I am not that excited to give my view on these game and who I believe will emerge victorious, but in actually, I am. Here are the things that can actually happen in the game.

LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators – The LSU Tigers have been recently catapulted to the no. 1 rank in the nation by various experts (including the AP Poll and ESPN). They have to keep their winning streak to remain on that top spot and prove that their ranking, where they leaped over the USC Trojans, is not a fluke. I do believe that the Tigers will come out victorious in this match by a slim margin. I have nothing against the Florida Gators and I strongly believe they are a top notch team thanks to the explosive offense led by QB Tim Tebow, I just do not think that the Gators cannot beat the Tigers. One reason is that the Gators lost surprisingly to the surging Auburn Tigers. In addition, LSU has the offensive line that can match or oven overpower that of the Gators plus the Tigers have one of the best and most dominant defense today. LSU will pick up the victory with a score of 27-17.

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns – This game is more on the side of a toss-up. I think it will be dependent on the type of game the Sooners will play. Will they use the almost unstoppable run and gun play or the lethargic team that is unimpressive to say the least? If Bob Stoops’ squad will treat the Longhorns similar to that what they did in Colorado, they will be in a tough grind from the start. However, if the Sooners plays up to its ability, the Longhorns will have a hard time stopping them. Nevertheless, the Sooners are too talented this year. My prediction is that the Sooners will take a 21 – 10 victory.

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