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Making Your Workout Work For You

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Everybody wants to feel better and to look better. The problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to do the things (on a consistent basis) that bring about that result. We often start out with gusto on an exercise program only to be derailed by our own lack of commitment after only a short time has gone by. There may not be an iron clad solution that will work for everyone without fail to this dilemma but there are some things we can do that will improve our chances for success. It’s just a fact of life that we sometimes feel that we can’t muster the enthusiasm and energy to go to the gym or hop on our exercise bike or lace up our boxing gloves for a workout session. When those days come (and they will) we need to rely on our well-ingrained habit of daily exercise to overcome the “slump” and push us to put on our gym shoes and get moving. Whether it’s a daily mantra we repeat or a reward we promise ourselves or the need to demonstrate the necessary will-power, these motivations can make the difference in our progress. Making goals is another way to boost consistency. Whether it’s to work toward better health or a more toned and fit body or to teach your children that when you work hard for something you can achieve it, keeping a goal in mind can aid in success.
Another tip comes from professor of psychology, Bryan Raudenbush, who explains that you can get an extra “kick” to engage in physical activity by chewing a stick of peppermint gum. It may sound too good to be true but the science behind it says that the peppermint scent can activate an area of the brain that is responsible for waking us up. Professor Raudenbush claims that the more stimulation this area of the brain receives the more energy and motivation we can experience. What the heck, it’s worth a try, right?