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March Madness Enters Final Week

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College basketball season just hit its peak. This week, only four teams are left standing to battle it out for the National Championships. The NCAA tournament started in the middle of March with 64 teams trying to get to the final game and win it all.

This season’s March Madness has its’ fair share of drama. Stunning upsets happened which left favorites wondering what happened. Unexpected players shown at the right moment while some established superstars failed to deliver when it counted the most.

The Big 12 was a huge disappointment since none of the teams in the powerhouse conference made past the sweet sixteen round. On the other hand, the Pac-12 teams surely established some measure of success.

As of this day, only four teams are left standing. These are UConn, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Florida. Florida is the only team ranked among the top 25 in both defense and offense. Their 30 game winning streak is a serious matter going into the crucial stages. Wisconsin is the top defensive team among the four. UConn has the best point guard in the league in Shabazz Napier who could very well make the biggest difference. Kentucky on the other hand presents scoring option from all options on the court.

One thing is for sure, it is going to be a wild finish this season because players wearing their basketball uniforms take so much pride on the school printed on it.