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March Madness Enters Final Week

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The long awaited college basketball season is winding down and with it the culmination of it’s championship games. Sixty four of the sixty eight teams who started the contest in mid-March are now out of the running and will have to wait another year to try for a rise in the standings. There were the usual surprise upsets and the emergence of new talent that came to the forefront in this seasons matches. There were disappointments such as the fact that none of the teams in the Big 12 made it to the elite eight even though they were considered by many to be the number one conference. In the Pac 12 the guys put on their basketball uniforms and came to play, racking up a 7-3 record thus far. Now we’re left with just the final four, Florida, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Connecticut. Of these four only Florida has been ranked in the top 25 teams nationally in offense and defense. They have also been on a thirty game winning streak so the momentum is definitely in their favor. Wisconsin is considered to have the best defense of any of the competing teams and Connecticut has the premier player, Shabazz Napier. Kentucky has an all-around excellent team with players who can score from all positions. The outcome is out for grabs but it’s likely going to be an exciting finish to a season that has held so many of us captive.