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Mav’s Get Fired Up Against Stone-Cold Jazz

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Once again, the Jazz team faltered and loss a game, disappointing thousands of their fans right in their own home court. After winning 7 games consecutively, their winning streak suddenly comes to a halt when they played against the Dallas team. The Mavericks also came into the court with their own record of 7 wins and they added another game to their winning streak. Now Jazz is 6 games short this early on the season which they played at Energy Solutions Arena.

Though it is true you couldn’t win each and every game, it would be better to see you put up a good fight before your lose. Kirilenko may have missed some important shots but he did play good and gave 5 points. Deron missed a lot of his shots but he did show some energy during the game and garnered at least 12 points. Dirk Nowitski played non-stop and led his team to win with 26 points. The Jazz will have to forget about this game and focus on winning the next one with Memphis Grizzlies scheduled on Monday night.

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