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McNamee vs. Clemens – Somebody is Lying

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The Roger Clemens – Brian NcNamee hearing has had its fair share of controversy. In front of members of the United States Congress, each testified to the truthfulness of his statements. Roger remained steadfast in his belief that at no time in his life has he taken steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs. McNamee said just the opposite, that he had, in fact, injected Roger Clemens with HGH and that he had also injected Roger Clemens’ wife prior to an ESPN photoshoot. After the hearing’s proceedings, there are very few questions that can be answered. The water is still a little murky. There is no definitive proof for either party. But one thing is crytsal clear -someone is lying. Someone is guilty of perjury. And someone is going to jail when everything is said and done.

My personal opinion is that Roger Clemens is doing the lying. Now, that is just my opinion. Besides a gut feeling, I have nothing to back my opinion up. But even so, something tells me that Roger Clemens, not Brian McNamee, is hiding the truth.

The reason why I think Roger Clemens is lying is two-fold:

First, McNamee doesn’t really have any reason to lie. He has already been truthful about injecting two other players with steroids – Andy Pettitte and Chuck Noblach. Both of those players admitted to being injected by McNamee. So, why would McNamee randomly throw Roger Clemens’ name out there? For more press? He was already getting all the press in the world. Honestly, why would he lie about that?

Second, Andy Pettitte himself corroborated McNamee’s story, telling the media that Roger Clemens had talked to him about taking steroids in the past. McNamee’s and Pettitte’s stories seem to be holding up. On the other hand, Roger Clemens’ story seems to have a lot of holes in it.

So, unless McNamee, Noblach and Pettitte are implmenting some master plan they have hatched in order to slander and defame Roger Clemens, it looks like the Rocket is treading water. But sooner or later, his legs are going to get tired. Especially without his beloved steroids.


Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales at Robbins Sports and Athletics, an online resource for Baseball Uniforms, Basketball Uniforms and Track Uniforms.