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McNamee vs. Clemens – Somebody is Lying

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The trial of Roger Clemens – Brian NcNamee has a lot of controversy. In front of the United States Congress, they testified the truthfulness of their statements. Roger maintained that he believes he never took steroids in his life or any other performance-enhancing drugs. McNamee said the opposite, that he himself injected HGH into Roger Clemens and also Roger’s wife prior to the ESPN photoshoot. After the trial, a few questions still needs some answers. There is no proof for each party. One thing is clear – one of them is lying and guilty of perjury. Someone will be going to jail after all is said and done.

In my opinion, Roger Clemens is the one lying. I only have my gut feeling to back me up. Even then, something tells me Roger Clemens is hiding the truth.

The reason why I think Roger Clemens is lying are these:

First, McNamee doesn’t have any reason to lie. He told the truth about injecting Andy Pettitte and Chuck Noblach , two other players. These players admitted to McNamee’s injection. So why would McNamee just randomly mention Roger Clemens? He is already getting a lot of publicity so why does he need to lie about it?

Second,Andy Pettittevalidated McNamee’s story. He told media that Roger Clemens spoke to him about taking steroids in the past. McNamee’s and Pettitte’s stories are consistent.

Unless McNamee, Noblach and Pettitte are hatching a master plan they have hatched in order to slander and defame Roger Clemens, it looks like the Rocket is barely afloat. But sooner or later, his legs will get tired. Especially without his steroids.

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