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Mesh – A Wide Variety of Fabrics

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RobbinsSports.com is an online provider of athletic apparel and equipment anywhere from baseball uniforms to gymnastic equipment. Lately we have been getting a lot of orders for mesh uniforms, so I wanted to say a few words about the different kinds of mesh fabrics we offer.

The first fabric is called Probrite. Probrite is the finest mesh (smallest holes) we offer. If you were to get a uniform with this material in any color besides white, it would be made of 100% Nylon Heavyweight. However, for white jerseys the material would be 100% Polyester Heavyweight. Because this material is Heavyweight, it is a bit heavier than the usual mesh. Below is a picture of what probrite looks like.


RobbinsSports.com also offers what is called Mini Mesh. Mini Mesh, like Probrite has very small holes. Colors are made of 100% Nylon and depending on whether you seek durability or comfort, the fabric density would either be 100 or 70 denier resepctively. The white uniforms, on the other hand, are made of 100% Polyester. Below is a picture of what the Mini Mesh looks like.


The Probrite and Mini Mesh are what you would see for professional or little league baseball jerseys. Any other type of mesh would not be fine enough to be a professional looking jersey. Because the Probite and Mini Mesh are such fine fabrics, at first glance they may not seem like mesh at all.

The next mesh fabric RobbinsSports.com offers is called Tricot Mesh. It too can be made of either 100% Nylon or 100% Polyester depending on whether or not you want comfort or strength. Nylon is for comfort and Polyester is for strength. The Tricot Mesh is usually seen on basketball shorts and uniforms. So if you are wanting to outfit a basketball team with mesh jerseys, they will be Tricot Mesh jerseys. The reason for this is the fact that while playing basketball, players want the fabric to breath. Below is a picture of the Tricot Mesh and it shows that the Tricot Mesh is a little less fine than the Mini Mesh or the Probite.


The final type of mesh fabric that RobbinsSports.com offers is Porthole Mesh. Porthole Mesh is the kind of fabric you would normally see on practice jerseys, whether they are football, soccer, or basketball practice jerseys. The difference between the Porthole Mesh and the other mesh fabrics is that the density of the fabric is so slight the jerseys are almost see through. Below is a picture of the Porthole Mesh.


If you are trying to outfit a team, make sure that you know the difference between these types of fabrics or else you may be disappointed with the quality of the your products. Remember, not all mesh products are the same, so it is wise to figure out what you want before you order. Also, abiding by the following tips will help extend the life of the products.

1. Do Not Dry Clean

2. Do Not Wash in Hot Water

3. Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach

4. Do Not Use Fabric Softener

5. Do Not Wash Whites and Colors Together

6. Do Not Overload the Washing Machine

7. Do Not Machine Dry on High Heat

8. Do Not Leave Wet or Damp Garments in Travel Bag, in a Pele With Other Clothing or in a Washing Machine.