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Mesh – A Wide Variety of Fabrics

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RobbinsSports.com in an online seller of athletic equipment and clothing that sells gymnastic equipment to baseball uniforms. Recently, we have received several orders for mesh uniforms so I wanted to inform you about the various types of mesh fabrics that we sell.

Probite, the finest mesh has the smallest holes. A uniform with this type of material comes in a variety of colors including white. It is 100% Nylon Heavyweight. For white jerseys, it is made of 100% Polyester Heavyweight. It is slightly heavier than the typical mesh.

We also have the Mini Mesh. It looks like Probite but with small holes. The colored materials are made of 100% Nylon and will depend on whether you like comfort or durability, the fabric density is either 70 or 100 denser respectively. For white uniforms however, these are 100% Polyester.

Both fabrics are used in professional or little league baseball jerseys. No other kind of mesh will be fine enough to make a jersey look professional. At first glance, these fine fabrics will not look like mesh at all.

Another material we offer is the Tricot Mesh. It is made of 100% Polyester or 100% Nylon depending on comfort or strength. Polyester is for strength while Nylon is for comfort. The Tricot Mesh is typically used for basketball uniforms and shorts. If you want a complete outfit for a basketball team with mesh jersey, Tricot Mesh is what we recommend. It is best to use when playing basketball because players prefer a fabric that breathes. It is finer than the Probite and Mini Mesh.

And finally, we have the Porthole Mesh. It is the fabric used in practice jerseys worn in football, basketball or soccer practice. The density of the Porthole mesh fabric is very light that it looks like it is see through and that make it very different compared to the other mesh materials.

If you are designing the outfit of an entire team, you must know the difference between these various types of fabrics or you might end up disappointed with the end result of the uniforms. You have to remember that not all the mesh materials have the same features, so it will be smart to determine what fabric you prefer before you place your orders. Here are some tips that you must follow on how to wash and maintain the uniforms if you would like to extend its life.

1. Do not dry clean the uniforms.

2. Do not wash the uniforms in hot water.

3. Do not use chlorine bleach when washing the uniforms.

4. Do not use fabric softener when washing the uniforms.

5. Do not wash Whites and Colored uniforms together.

6. Do not overload the washing machine when washing the uniforms.

7. Do not machine dry the uniforms on High Heat.

8. Do not leave wet or damp garments or uniforms inside the Travel Bag, in a Pele or wash with your other clothing or in a Washing Machine.