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Message to young baseball players (especially pitchers): Take care of your arms

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It is such as great sight to see young kids go hard with their baseball practice at the park in my neighborhood. It is such a privilege for me to live close to two baseball parks because I always have the opportunity of going out and throwing the baseball around once in a while. Comparing the young kids today practicing and my way of doing things back then, I can say that these young teams definitely know what to do to succeed.

Nevertheless, here are some suggestions for young players and their coaches. These simple guidelines can keep a budding pitcher from suffering any injuries and cutting short their baseball career. It is important to spend enough time and effort to warm up and stretch out.

In practice, it is necessary to be patient at all times. Constant little movements done over time will lead to huge success – this is the thing I learn in life that is very applicable to sports. Remember that the act of throwing a baseball is hard enough on a pitcher’s shoulder and elbow and hence, do not throw hard and long pitches. Younger players should have to adjust to the wear and tear of pitching baseball. Adjusting can only be achieved with regular practice over time and of course, with assistance from a coach. Make sure that you stretch out and start slowly when practicing or preparing for a game.

Like any other things, you can succeed by familiarizing, knowing and making your body memorize the fundamentals of throwing. Baseball players have to adapt to the throwing motion. This sport has come a long way and several improvements are done (and will be done in the future) that makes it better, more competitive and even safer for the players. Arm injuries often result from ignoring the fundamentals repeatedly. Your performance also takes a dive when you forget about the fundamentals.

Be aware of your limitations. Practice patience as you work within them.

Young players usually want to become the best in the world out of the gate. However, they tend to forgot that Hall of Famers and current baseball players have practice hundreds of thousands of hours in order to become the best. Kids should be reminded of that and the only way to be the best and practice hard, play smart. At the young age of 10, kids should practice and be very familiar with basic pitching. They can move to developing their fast ball pitches two to four years from that. As much as possible, do not try doing specialty pitches because these can damage the elbow and shoulder.

Recuperation of the muscle tissue

There are several methods to recuperate muscles after have being extensively used from practicing. An example is massaging, treating it with alternating heat and ice, and even vibration. Do only one of those treatments to repair your throwing arm after the practice.

Listen to your body

Arm injuries can be due to various reasons such as throwing too much to throwing the wrong way. Learn the art of listening to your body. When you feel pain, learn to listen to your arm because it can tell when it needs rest or adjustment. If you need rest, let your coach know.

These are a few simple but effective guidelines to keep your baseball career long enough without suffering any major setbacks and to allow your potential to be realized.