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Minimum Age Requirement in Sports – Is It Right?

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A lot of sport experts are asking whether or not they should implement a minimum age requirement before the players can become pro in the professional sports leagues.

My answer to that would be, YES and NO.

No because that restrains our freedom. It is not our right, even if we are commissioners of a league to dictate to a person how to live their lives. Furthermore, at the college level you are already a young adult. You have the basic rights of an adult – you could vote, get married or even go to war. If you are old enough to fight for your country, then you should be old enough to play professionally in sports. Then again, that’s my opinion.

On the practical side of things, there should be an age requirement when it comes to professional sports. More young athletes will be forced to go to school and complete their education if there is an age requirement imposed in sports. You may argue that by going professional as an athlete will secure the child’s future so there is no point in going to college. But putting all your hopes in professional sports is not a smart idea. There are instances when young athletes are successful in entering the professional ranks like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. But the harsh reality is that not all young athletes are so lucky.

When the player enters sports then gets injured or cut off from the team, their career is automatically over. Their chances of getting educated become slim and he will be burdened with bill to pay. As an audience, we only see the successful stories of the athletes and fail to see those who did not make it.

It is a risky decision to forego a college education and opt to become a professional athlete. The chances of being successful are minimal.

So is it better to have an age requirement in sports? I don’t believe so. It is wrong to limit the person’s rights by telling them what to do. But just because there is no rule that states that the young athlete should stay in school does not mean it is right to forget about going to school. You have to remember that professional sports will always be there. Stay in school and get a college degree at the very least! Waiting for a few extra years will be worth it. But to leave school prematurely and taking a risk with your future is just not worth it.

Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales at Robbins Sports and Athletics, a national provider of athletic apparel and equipment, including quality Gym Bags and Portable Scoreboards.