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Molding Individuals

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There are a lot of stories about sports and sports heroes. These are the men and women that ordinary people look up to. They are emulated for whatever endearing quality they have shown as sportsmen and celebrities. For good or ill, they become the standard of behavior and the role model for countless people, including children. Among the stories are the nightmares which people go through in their lives. There are also the great stories which mold great characters in the telling and the reliving.

It is not often that any person can come in contact with true heroes. The people who were mentored by Jay Fullmer are some of the lucky ones. They were helped and guided by a special person. Mr. Fullmer has passed away recently. He was 78, which is a long lifetime of being a solid individual. He helped generations of people in accomplishing their dreams, as well as his. He had wanted to be a boxer. Unfortunately, due to his own poor health, he was not able to wear boxing gloves and fight in the ring. What was fortunate was that he spent his energies into helping others achieve their goals.

There are different kinds of successes. Mr. Fullmer’s was all the help he extended to others so they can reach their dreams.